Class Descriptions

 Whatever your level of dedication to dance, there is fun for everyone in every class!  Beginning at age 6,

the Level system is implemented as a guideline only.  6 year olds must have at least 1 year of dance experience to join level 1.  Incoming students will need to be observed in order to place them at their appropriate level.

  • Mommy and Me - 30 minutes - This tiny tot creative movement and tumbling class offers an opportunity for 2 year olds to come into class with a grown up! Let's make some lasting memories! (appropriate for 18months - 3 years old)

  • Baby Ballerina - 30 minutes - This class is great for our young dancers ages 3-4 who are interested in dance & movement but not quite ready for a full structured ballet/tap combo class. They learn a little ballet piece for the recital too! 

  • Preschool Combo -45 minutes - Preschool Combo teaches 3-4 year olds the basics of both ballet and tap dancing. Creative Dance techniques are used to keep children engaged and energized throughout class.  Creative movement allows children to discover the technique of dance while using their imagination.  We offer and 1st year and 2nd year option depending on age and dance experience.
  • Preschool Hip Hop & Tumble - Students will experience an upbeat style of dance focused on keeping the rhythm and learning basic hip hop steps.  Basic tumbling skills will be incorporated at the end of each class.
  • Kindy/1st Combo - 1 hour - Students ages 5-7 continue to discover ballet and tap dance by being encouraged to use their imaginations.  Some creative movement is still used at this age level; however, students will begin to discover true ballet concepts and technique, as well as tap combinations. We offer a 1st and 2nd year option depending on age and dance experience.
  • Tumbling - For our Preschoolers and up, this class is full of skill building and fun! Students learn to follow directions while mastering tumbling skills appropriate for their age and skill level.  Fun and creativity are packed into each class.  This class does NOT perform in the annual dance recital (testing is available for class placement after the kindy level).​
  • ​Acro Dance -  Acro (short for "acrobatic") classes offer training in age and level-appropriate gymnastics and acrobatic skills, while incorporating their dance training.  This class will perform a short exhibition, choreographed to music, in the annual dance recital. It is recommended that Acro students also enroll in a ballet or jazz class.
  • Cram Jam!- Cram Jam is an extremely fun class where dancers will work on technique, strength, flexibility, turns, leaps, and jumps.  This class offers time for dancers to improve current skills and learn new skills.  So much "crammed" into this short class!! Note: This class does NOT perform in the annual dance recital.  
  • Jazz/Tap Combo -   This class offers so much fun and excitement packed into 45 minutes or one full hour.(depending on level)  Students will spend half of the class learning basic jazz technique, skills and combinations.  The second half of the class will focus on basic tap dance steps.  Students will love making music with their feet!  This class performs 2 choreographed dances in the annual dance recital.
  • Ballet & Pointe Classes-   These classes will begin with ballet barre technique and strengthening and move into center and across the floor exercises. Dance Me focuses on perfecting technique, while keeping class fun for every age levels.  These classes will perform in the annual dance recital. 
  • Lyrical/Contemporary - These classes offer dance training in two of the most popular styles of dance today - lyrical and contemporary.  This class is full of technique training, tricks and fun! These styles of dance focus their choreography around the lyrics of a song to play out their dramatic interpretation. Technique and skills are based on ballet and jazz with a mix of creativity for performance.
  • Musical Theater - This class will teach students about the history of theater and dance and the many great influences of musical theater dance styles.  Students will learn various styles of dance, as well as how to perform to the difference styles of music.  This class is recommended for all students ages 8 and up. We recommend ballet or jazz class in addition to this class.
  • Choreography/Improvisation - Focusing primarily on learning new movements and combinations, as well as learning to dance without preparation of choreography, students will develop one of the most important aspects of dance, aside from technique, Confidence!
  • Hip Hop - So much energy in this class!  Learn Hip Hop and/or Jazz Funk Choreography to upbeat hip hop music.  Movements and music will remain age appropriate at all times.
  • Shooting Stars (Special Needs Class) - We believe that everyone can dance!  This class welcomes anyone who may have a mental of physical disability too severe to allow them to keep up with the pace of one our other classes.  Students will be allowed the opportunity to dance for the joy of dancing! (Located at our Glenville location - handicap accessible)
  • Adult Tap - This Tap class offers adults ages 18 and up the opportunity to socialize, get some exercise and learn to tap dance! OFFERED AT VARIOUS TIMES OF THE YEAR
  • Adult Ballet Technique - A technical ballet class using the barre as well as center floor and across the floor combinations.  Join this class for exercise, improving your technique, or happy hour!
  • Adult Jazz - Join us for an exciting and up beat class full of stretching, across the floor combinations and center floor combinations. Don't forget your personality for this class! OFFERED AT VARIOUS TIMES OF THE YEAR
  • Irish Step Dance - Dance Me's Irish dancers immerse themselves in culture, language, and multiple styles of Irish dance. Taught in an encouraging, yet focused environment by an accomplished qualified professional, and former competitive Irish dancer, students receive educational, fun, disciplined and high-quality instruction without the cost and time commitment of competitive irish dancing. Students will learn both contemporary and traditional solo and step dancing; as well as social group ceili (Kay-lee) and set dances. Whether or not you're Irish, come dance with us! As the Irish say, "The craic (fun) is mighty!  Irish language and culture is a strong component of the class, and is incorporated regularly throughout the lessons. Musicality and rhythm are also large components of the class​.  Dancers will learn proper placement of their bodies, feet, arms, and head, with an emphasis on carriage, strength training and proper technique.  These are non-competetive classes, and they are not affiliated with any competitive Irish Dance organizations. 

*Please Note that the age guideline for classes is only a guideline.  

Students can be tested by Miss Brianna for class placement.

Recommendations are given for each student at the completion of each school year.


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Programs and Classes


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The Dance Me Staff creates an environment in which 

all students are provided with the tools to blossom individually.   


Dance Me differs from other dance studios in that we offer 2 different tracks for dancers depending on their level of commitment. Dancers can choose from our Recreational Program or our CORE Program.  Dance Me is focused on providing a well-rounded dance education no matter what level of commitment you decide.  Technique and performance skills are a main focus, and we offer plenty of opportunities to explore both of these aspects no matter what program you are in.  We believe ballet technique is the foundation on which all dance is built, and is the key to success in the dance world. Although we build ballet technique into all styles, we strongly recommend all dancers take at least one ballet class in order to ensure a well-rounded dance education. Scroll down to read more.

In addition, Dance Me has a Competition Team which requires either

an audition or an invitation to become a part of.  Please read more here!

Recreational Classes
Our Recreational Program is for students who simply enjoy dance and movement.  Students may choose to take only 1 style of dance, or enjoy several recreational classes at discounted prices.  Students in Recreational Classes will gain an outstanding dance education; however, there are no requirements on how many or which classes they must take each week.

​​​​​​Additional CORE Program Information

The goal of the CORE Program is to train students to gain pristine technique, while also offering a well-rounded, complete dance curriculum.  The CORE curriculum has been set up so that students have enough time in the studio to perfect technique, musicality, choreography, strength, flexibility and skills while learning multiple styles of dance.  With registration into the CORE program comes a commitment that must be upheld by both the students and the parents.  Dance Me strongly believes that all students who intend to become the best dancer they can be should be trained in multiple styles of dance.  We offer this opportunity at an affordable price.  

The Program begins with students 6 years old and continues through age 18; although students may begin in the CORE Program later, as long as they have been given the OK.  The intention of starting this young is that students are encouraged to make the CORE program "the norm" from the very earliest stages of their dance training.  As students get older and more advanced, they will progress through the program. 


The CORE Program has required classes that a student must take to benefit fully from the curriculum. After a student is enrolled in the basic CORE requirements, they can choose to add classes onto their program for very discounted rates.  Students may also choose the "Dance Me All the Way" Program where students will enroll in all of the classes at their level at a package rate.  Dance Me offers this program at a great value. The reason for this is that it is an incentive for students who really want to learn and grow to have this opportunity. Student must remain dedicated to their classes to be in CORE.  At the beginning of the School Year dancers will be required to sign the CORE Pledge as an agreement to stay dedicated.  Being a part of the CORE program is a privilege, not a right.