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When entering the world of Dance, things can seem a bit overwhelming.  This page should give you a simplified understanding of what you need to know.

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​​1. The Foundation of all dance styles comes from Ballet.  We do not require ballet for our recreational classes.  However, we strongly recommend taking ballet class in addition to other classes.  Ballet offers the necessary repetition of exercises to properly strengthen and teach muscle memory in order to prevent injuries.  In order to develop the proper muscles and movements, exercises must be repeated from class to class. From a very young age, children learn the basic exercises of ballet.  Dancers will spend their entire life perfecting these basic movements for the purpose of maintaining proper muscle memory and balanced strength throughout the body.

2.  Dress Code is a very important part of dance class.  Proper dress attire teaches students discipline, a very important trait that is learned throughout a dancers entire career.  Proper dress attire also helps Dance Me maintain the most professional atmosphere.  Visit our Dress Code page to learn what you need.

3.  As a first time dancer in Preschool through 1st grade, we recommend our Recreational Combo classes. Combo classes include ballet and tap as well as some fun & creative activities.  At this age, dancers spend their time in dance class learning how the dance room works and perfecting their listening skills; while also learning the dance basics and having tons of fun.  Tumbling and Jazz are additional, fun options to our combo classes.

4. As a first time dancer in grades 2nd and up, we recommend starting out with 2-3 RECREATIONAL classes.  To become the most well-rounded dancer, we recommend starting with ballet, jazz, and tap class.  All recreational classes earn a 10% discount after the first class enrollment.  Jazz and tap will become a combo class where tap only costs $15 per month!  (If a dancer decides right away that she loves dance and wants to commit, then the dancer may move over to our CORE Program...Click Here to read about the difference between CORE and Recreational classes)

5. The Dance year runs from September through June. The first half of the year the students will focus on learning and perfecting technique, flexibility, strength, and skills. In June an annual recital will take place where students will perform choreography that they learned throughout the 2nd half of the year.  Recital time is the most wonderful time of year for studios and their dancers!

6. Costumes are a large part of the annual recital.  Uniformity for all students while on stage is a very important part of putting on the most professional and entertaining show possible.  Costumes are paid for within the months of October through December.  Costume orders are placed in December.  It can take up to 6 months to receive costumes so it is important that this is all done in a timely manner.

7. Miss Kathy will announce an orientation day for all dancers before the start of the year in September.  Prior to the start of the school year, dancers can take part in all kinds of summer classes, camps, and programs to get a taste of what the dance year will bring! 

8.  Tuition is paid monthly.  We offer an automatic payment option so that you do not need to worry about making those payments on time every month.  Check out our Tuition page for pricing information.  Discounts are offered for paying for a semester or entire year ahead of time.  Contact Miss Kathy to pay the semester or year in full.