Registration: 518-836-5102


Studio A

​1619 Union St.

Studio B

1613 Union St.

Schenectady, NY 12309

Studio # 518-357-3668


126 Saratoga Rd.

​Scotia/Glenville 12302

Studio # 518-357-3119

Our Waiver and Release form must be completed for each student prior to attending class.

Dress Code & Policies


Dress code is a very important part of dance class.  Please assist us in maintaining a professional atmosphere and teaching students discipline by abiding by our Dress Code rules.  


If you prefer to shop locally, we partner with 2 local stores to be sure you can find all of your dress code needs.


1.  The Costumer

Located at 1995 Central Ave, Albany, The Costumer has the Dance Me dress code on file.  If they don't have what you need in stock they will be happy to place an order. Be sure to mention that you are a member of the Dance Me Family and you will receive 10% off!


2.  Saratoga Dance

Carries most everything you need in stock.  This is the best place to get your First Pointe shoes.  They are very educational about fitting pointe shoes and have everything you need in stock.  They carry a large selection of dance wear and shoes.  Visit them online here





Boys: Ballet/tap/jazz:

white t-shirt

black jazz pants

black ballet shoes, black tie up tap shoes, black jazz shoes


Boys: Tumbling:

a t-shirt and gym shorts of any kind is acceptable, bare feet

​DanceLand Toddler Time:
Anything comfortable for the little ones!  Shoes are not required.

Hip Hop:

White soled Sneakers and any comfortable clothing.

Preschool Combo:
Full footed or Convertible ​Ballet Pink Tights (if enrolled in tumbling as well, full footed tights will have to be removed for class...we recommend convertible or transitional tights)
Black, Ballet Pink or Light Pink Leotard or Ballet Dress
Pink Leather Full sole Ballet Shoes
Black Tie Patent Leather Tap shoes

Kindy/1st Combo:
Full footed or Convertible ​Ballet Pink Tights (If enrolled in tumbling as well, full footed tights will have to be removed for class)
Black or Lavender Leotard or Ballet Dress
Ballet Pink Ballet Shoes
Black Tie Patent Tap shoes

Kindy/1st Jazz:

Tan Jazz Shoes

Combo attire is appropriate

Level 1 Ballet:
Ballet Pink Convertible or Full Footed tights
Ballet Pink ballet shoe
Light blue or black leotard/biketard or ballet dress
Any color/print Ballet skirt or  tight dance shorts

Level 1 Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Classes:
Tan/Nude, Black, Ballet Pink Convertible tights, Full Footed or stirrup tights
Any color/print tight dance shorts or skirt
Light blue or black leotard or biketard 
​Tan/Nude slip on jazz shoe
Tan/Nude buckle mary jane tap shoe

Ballet Pink Ballet Shoes

Level 2 Ballet:
Ballet Pink Convertible or Full Footed tights
Ballet Pink split sole ballet shoe
royal or navy blue or black leotard/biketard or ballet dress
Any color/print Ballet skirt or  tight dance shorts

Level 2 Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Classes:
Tan/Nude, Black, Ballet Pink Convertible tights, Full Footed or stirrup tights
Any color/print tight dance shorts or skirt
Royal or navy blue or black leotard or biketard 
​Tan/Nude slip on jazz shoe
Tan/Nude buckle mary jane tap shoe

Ballet Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes


Level 3/4/5/6 Ballet:
Ballet Pink, Black or Nude Convertible tights
Ballet pink Split Sole ballet shoes
Any solid color leotard or biketard
Any color or print ballet skirt or tight dance shorts

Level 3/4/5/6 Jazz / musical theater
Tan or Black Convertible or stirrup tights 
tight  dance shorts or leggings in any color/print
Any solid color leotard / tank top / crop top/ sports bra
​Tan/Nude slip on jazz shoe 

Level 3/4/5/6 Tap:
Tan or Black Convertible or stirrup tights 
tight  dance shorts or leggings in any color/print
Any solid color leotard / tank top / crop top/ sports bra
​Black tie up split sole tap shoes

Cram Jam!
Convertible, Stirrup, or footless tights in either ballet pink, tan/ nude, or black
tight dance shorts in any color/print
Any solid color leotard or biketard
​Tan/Nude Half Sole Lyrical Shoe or Foot undeez/Dance Paws or Tan/Nude Jazz shoes

Any solid color leotard or biketard
any color/print tight dance shorts
Black, Ballet Pink, Nude/tan Footless, convertible or stirrup tights are optional
​Bare Feet or Foot undeez/Dance Paws

Convertible, Stirrup, or footless tights in either ballet pink, tan/nude, or black
any color/print tight dance shorts
Any solid color leotard or biketard
Tan/Nude Footundeez / dance paws or Tan/Nude half sole lyrical shoe​​​​​​​



​Shorts, fitted T-shirt, no baggy clothing.

Black ballet shoes

Irish soft shoes (ghillies/pumps/lights) are not required, but if you would like to purchase them, we recommend Fays Platinum Suede Soft Shoes. CLICK HERE to visit the Fays Online Shop.

You may need Hardshoes (think the loud ones in Riverdance) if the teacher feels the class is ready. Dance sneakers are great to practice in until shoes may be acquired. We recommend Fays Super Flexi. If you would like to try to find a used pair, speak to your teacher.



Dance Me intends to create a sense of community and maintain a positive atmosphere for everyone.  To help us uphold this standard we ask that all students and guardians conduct themselves in a pleasant and polite manner at all times.

We ask that all students be at least “almost” toilet trained to enter our preschool dance program.  If this is an issue, please discuss this with Miss Kathy.  We understand that toilet training can be difficult at times. :) 


All dancers must be dressed appropriately for dance class. Showing up to class in dress code shows the teachers and other students that you have shown up prepared to learn. This is the best way to set your mind up for success in dance class. Dress Code also creates less distractions in classes. This includes allowing teachers to properly see body placement in order to offer corrections. If there are too many distracting articles of clothing, it makes for a tough time offering these corrections.  If students do not come to class prepared with their dress code, they may be asked to sit out and take notes.  

For ALL classes, hair MUST be neat and pulled back away from the face.  

Good attendance habits should be maintained to keep up with class progress, and to keep from holding back other students in their process of learning and developing as dancers. If a student is going to be absent, please email Miss Kathy or your teacher. There are no discounts or refunds for classes missed.


Make ups are available if coordinated with Miss Kathy.  We are flexible with this, but just ask that it be coordinated ahead of time.  

Guardians of students 5  and under should remain at the studio during class time.

All dancers should remain inside the studio until their guardian arrives for pick-up. This is for our students’ safety, as we are located in the popular Upper Union Street district.  Please keep in mind that the studio space is limited, and dancers should be picked-up no later than 5 minutes after their scheduled class has ended. 

Lateness is strongly discouraged, as it is disruptive to classes already in progress, and could result in injury to students.  If a student is more than 15 minutes late to class, he/she may be asked to stretch and observe, in order for the student to gain insight into where the class is at for the day, as well as to be properly warmed up.  Late dancers will be entered into the class at an appropriate time for that day. This is for safety as well as dance class etiquette purposes. It is important for dancers to be properly warmed-up to avoid injury, and to respect their teacher and fellow students by not disrupting the class in progress.

Parents are asked to please keep other children from running around, using loud voices, engaging in any unruly behavior in the waiting room, as this is a place of business and we try our very best to give all dancers our best efforts to encourage focus during class time, and all families respect of their space. Furthermore, our space is limited, which doesn't allow for extra activity during classes. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Children not attending class are not to be left at the studio, unattended, at any time. If children are left unattended, parents will receive an extra $10 charge on their monthly bill for babysitting services.  :)

There is no gum chewing in class.  Gum is a choking hazard as well as unprofessional.

Please avoid food and beverage consumption at the studio, with the exception of water. Water is strongly suggested as the beverage of choice for all students.  Students can purchase bottled water at the studio for $1.  The charge will be added to that students account if they do not have another payment form.  Students are asked to keep all beverages in the storage area.  Spilled beverages on our dance flooring can cause extreme damage over time, as well as an immediate threat to our students’ safety. 

During Rainy days and our snowy winter season, we ask that all wet shoes are left  in the waiting area in our designated “wet shoes” area.  Wet shoes can have the same effect as spilled beverages.

Parents must keep Dance Me informed and updated of any change in address, telephone, email, etc…

Any studio closings or cancellations will be posted on the website “Home” page, on the studio facebook page, and on the studio answering machine.  Dance Me will follow the Niskayuna School District snow day cancellations.  1 hour or 2 hour delays do not equate to cancellation of classes for that evening unless otherwise noted.

Dance Me DOES NOT follow the Niskayuna school district calendar for Holidays and days off.  Please download our annual calendar for days off and other happenings.  If Miss Kathy feels a class has missed too many classes due to Holidays then students will be offered a make up date.  

Tuition & Costumes

The dance season typically begins in September and ends in June, with breaks in  December, February and April, and culminates with our year end "Dance Recital" performance.

Tuition is paid in monthly installments due on the first lesson of each month.  The first installment and the Registration Fee are due at Registration.  Please see our Tuition Page for more information.  Tuition is divided by 10 months in an effort to keep costs low and consistent.  Some months may have 5 classes while others may have none depending on calendar layout, holidays, weather, etc.  Regardless, the tuition payments stay the same.  Make ups will be addressed on a case by case basis.  


A Costume down payment of $35 is due in October.  The remainder of the costume balance is due mid November to December.  We do our best to keep costume costs down.  Costs will be announced in November.  

Payment Policy

Monthly payments are due by the 1st class of each month. All payments received after the 7th will be charged a $10 late fee for each month it is late. Tuition that is late by more than two months could result in a student being suspended from classes. Tuition that is paid in full at the time of registration for the semester (September –December or January – June) will receive a 5% Discount;  or in full for the entire year (September – June) will receive a 10% Discount. If taking advantage of these discounts there is no refunds if a student does not complete the entire term that has been paid for.  If payment is not made by the first class of the semester or year, then the discount will no longer apply. 


 Payments are accepted online, in person, and over the phone.  We accept check, cash and visa and master cards.  If paying cash or check, please drop it into the Tuition box at the studio.  Envelopes are available at the studio for your payment convenience.


You may withdraw from any or all classes, at any time, by giving a written notice to Miss Kathy no later than the 1st of the month.  If written notice is not received by the 1st of the month, then you are responsible for that month’s tuition payment.  If tuition was paid in full, you will be refunded the pro-rated monthly amount for the remaining months.