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Meet Miss Brianna!!

Miss Brianna is the Dance Me Competition Director. Miss Brianna coordinates our annual competition team activities!  Questions about comp team??  Contact Miss Bri @

Becoming a member of a Competitive Dance Team is a very big privilege.  This means that a teacher/choreographer has recognized that you have what it takes to be a great dancer!  Being asked to be part of a competitive dance team also means you must abide by some rules.

Dance Me Competition Team Rules:

  • Dancers must have good attendance to all classes required by the CORE Program in addition to their team practices.
    • ​Good Attendance means no more than 3 unexcused absences are allowed per dance season (September to June)
    • Dancers are encouraged to be enrolled in the appropriate summer dance program each summer (to be determined)​

Some things to know:

  • ​Competitive Dance can get costly at times, however, Dance Me is very conscious of this and does everything possible to keep this pricing down.  In a typical dance season dancers will take part in 3-4 competitions.  These competitions will always be local (up to 2.5 hours away).  If a student is in multiple dance routines it is possible that the routines will be scheduled on different days.  This could mean booking a hotel room for a night.  We will do our best to keep competitions in the Capital Region, however, we can't make any guarantees.
  • Costumes are important to a routine.  Part of the score given to a routine is based on the costume and the overall look of the team on stage.  This means we will purchase costumes that are between $50-$100 each.  
  • Each dancer must pay an entry fee to be able to compete in the competition.  The fees vary by competition.  On average a group of 4 to 9 dancers will pay between $40-$60 per competition.  Solos, Duets, and Trios cost more per dancer($90-$125 per competition).  
  • Competitions normally do not give out the competition schedule until 7-10 days prior to competition weekend.  They schedule the weekend ahead of time, but exact times and days for routines come out last minute.  Dance Me will notify families of the schedule as soon as information is available.  We will give out the dates for competition weekends around October every year.

Dance Me does everything we can to be mindful of cost and schedules.  Miss Kathy is a seasoned Competitive Dance Director and has made competitions fun and exciting for students and parents, while not allowing it to consume their budget and schedules. Miss Brianna's belief is that competitions are a great experience for students.  The experiences help them grow as dancers inside and outside of the studio.  However, the most well rounded students have time and energy for being involved in other activities as well as good grades!  Students are encouraged to strive to be the best in all areas of life!

Dance Me Competition Team