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Dance Me 2020/2021

In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Class Options 


We are excited to announce that Dance Me will be offering two new options into our 2020/2021 Dance Season! We will be offering both Hybrid Dance Classes and Fully Virtual Dance Classes this year, along with our In-Person classes. We understand the frustrations, uncertainties and concerns COVID-19 has brought into our lives, as we feel them too. The main goal of these options is to provide families with flexibility, and the ability to make the best personal choice they can for the 2020/2021 dance year.

Dance Me has taken many precautions beyond New York State Health Department regulations for our in-person classes. By offering the Hybrid and Fully Virtual classes, we can be as adaptable as possible no matter what the dance year brings. We are also planning as far out as possible so we can be adaptable and flexible during any changes. 

We have decided to have two recitals this season. For those opting for Hybrid or Virtual Only, we will have a Zoom Recital like last year’s recital. For the dancers participating in-person for classes, we will have a recital on a stage, whether that is indoors or outdoors. We have not made any final decisions, nor do we have dates just yet. If we are unable to do an in-person recital for any reason we will have a full studio Zoom Recital again… we got it down great this past year!

Please read about our new options that your dancer has for the 2020/2021 season:


Virtual Only Option

  • This option is for dancers who do not intend on attending in-person classes at any point during the 2020/2021 dance season.

  • Dancers may formally opt into the virtual program at any time, but this will be permanent for the entire school year. Dancers who opt in will not be permitted to switch to another option and must remain virtual for the entire year.
  • Dancers must be formally opted into our virtual program by January 15th, as we begin to prepare for recital. 
  • By signing up for our 2020/2021 Dance Season virtually, your dancer WILL NOT have an in-person spot in studio classes.
  • Virtual Only Option will have a Zoom recital like our 2020 Zoom recital at the end of the dance year. Dancers will learn the same dance as their in-person classmates but will perform with their other virtual classmates via Zoom instead of at the in-person recital. In-person students will not be required to participate in the Zoom recital. 



Hybrid Virtual/In-Person Option

  • For families who would like to start completely virtual but have interest in possibly transitioning to in-person classes IF there is in-person class availability.
  • Please note: In-Person and Hybrid dancers make up the total class occupancy that we would allow in a regular year without social distancing restrictions. In-Person capacity determines how many hybrid dancers we can allow and vice versa. For example: In a normal year if a class capacity is 18 students and we have the space for and have registered 15 in-person dancers during the social distancing regulations, then 3 dancers will be allowed to do the hybrid program.
  • There is the possibility your dancer may have to stay virtual for the entire 2020/2021 dance season.  For example: If the 3 students in the above example are requesting to switch to in-person, but the social distancing regulations have not been lifted, then these dancers will remain virtual until we are able to give them a spot in the in-person class.  
  • The Hybrid student option allows the dancer to have a reserved in-person class spot in the event social distancing is no longer required per New York State Department of Health, and we can return to our normal class occupancy. If social distancing is required for the full 2020/2021 season, that in person spot is not guaranteed. 
  • We will have two opt-in dates to formally transition to in-person classes if the guidelines allow this. All requests to transition to in-person classes must be requested via email to: by December 15th, 2020. If there is still in-person availability after that date, the second opt-in deadline will be January 15th, 2021. 

Available in-person spots are based on the order registrations are sent in.

  • There will be no in-person opt in option past January 2021 due to recital preparations. This will only change in the event we no longer need to social distance and can have regular class capacity. 


In- Person Option

  • Dancers must formally sign up for in- person classes prior to beginning in-person classes

A dancer who is signed up for in-person classes will have a spot for in-studio classes for the entire dance season from September 2020 until June 2021. 

  • Each class will be a reduced number of students to abide by New York States Department of Health requirements.
  • If the dancer is not feeling well or is required to quarantine, they can attend virtually and not miss a beat! They can rejoin in person classes once they are symptom free and supply a doctor’s note.
  • If the dancer would like to switch to our Virtual Only option for the remainder of the season, please email the studio at They must do so by January 15th at the latest. 
  • Please note by removing your dancer from in- person they will no longer have an in-person spot in class. Their spot will be given to another dancer on the waiting list. They will also be switching from the in-person recital to the Zoom Recital.


Acro classes and Competition Dancers

Acro classes will be in-person only due to the nature of the class and instruction. In the event of another shut down, these classes will switch to virtual.
Competition team practice will be in-person only. Required classes may be taken virtually, but team practices must be in person. If you need to adjust your decision for the upcoming Competition Team please email Miss Brianna at:



Tuition prices will be the same for both In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Classes. In the event of another shut down, we will be transitioning our full schedule to virtual classes immediately, and tuition will remain the same.


If we experience another shut down, similar to last year, (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen), all students will switch to virtual, but be able to jump right back into their preferences if we are able to open back up.  

To sign up for in-person, hybrid, or virtual classes, email us at with the class you are interested in taking. Several in-person classes have already reached current studio capacity, and the options may only be Hybrid or Virtual. Be sure to specify your preference In-Person, Hybrid or Virtual Only option. As we get closer to the first day of classes on September 14th, we will release more information on our technology setups, so stay tuned! 

The safety and comfort of our students, families, and staff are our number one priority, and we are so excited to be able to offer these options. We hope to see you soon!