Non-competetive, recreational Irish Step Dancing Lessons for All Levels

Levels are generally determined by age; however, experience is taken into account.

Level 1:  Ages 4-6

Level 2:  Ages 7-11

Level 3:  Ages 12 and up

Dress Code:

Shorts, fitted T-shirt, NO baggy clothing.
Black ballet shoes

Irish soft shoes (ghillies/pumps/lights) are not required,

but if you would like to purchase them, we recommend Fays Platinum Suede Soft Shoes. 

CLICK HERE to visit the Fays Online Shop.
If the teacher feels the class is ready, you may be asked to get Hardshoes (the loud ones in Riverdance). 

Dance sneakers are great to practice in until shoes may be acquired. 

If you are purchasing a new pair, we recommend Fays Super Flexi.

If you would like to try to find a used pair, speak to your teacher.


Level 1: $33 per month

Level 2: $33 per month

Level 3: $45 per month

CORE students receive a discount: please click here


The same discounts as our Recreational Dance program are offered with Irish Dance and can be combined with any of our other programs.

10% off an Irish Class when enrolled in any other dance class

10% off for siblings

Irish Dance

From the Buffalo area, Gretchen began dance training at age 4, and began her teaching career in 1999 as an assistant and substitute dance teacher with the Sam Smith School of Dance. She received her BFA in Theatre Performance from Niagara University where she continued her dance studies under Gary Marino, Julie Kenny, and Terri Lynn Vaughan. In college, she also began Irish step dancing with the Paula Woodgate School. Discovering a passion, she quickly progressed through the ranks of competition, becoming a world class competitor within a few years. She went on to receive her MA in Ethnochoreology, the academic study of cultural dancing, from The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick in Ireland where she continued competitive Irish dance under the training of Michael Ryan. In 2007, she toured France with the dance show "Ragus." When she relocated to the Capital Region in 2008, she continued dancing with the Boland School until she retired from competition in 2013 at the age of 29. She has multiple experiences with both team and solo Irish dancing at the Local, Regional, National, International, and World levels. 

Dance Me offers non-competetive, recreational Irish Step Dancing Lessons for All Levels. Students will learn the

basics of Irish dance, including reels, jigs, slip jigs, traditional hardshoe set dances, hornpipes,

heavy jigs, and group social dances.  Irish language and culture is a strong component of the class,

and is incorporated regularly throughout the lessons.  Musicality and rhythm are also large components of the class

Dancers will learn proper placement of their bodies, feet, arms, and head, with an

emphasis on carriage, strength training and proper technique.  

These are non-competetive classes, and they are not affiliated with any competitive Irish Dance organizations. 

Scroll all the way down for tuition rates and dress code/shoe information.


Miss Gretchen

Registration: 518-836-5102



Studio A

​1619 Union St.

Studio B

1613 Union St.

Schenectady, NY 12309

Studio # 518-357-3668


126 Saratoga Rd.

​Scotia/Glenville 12302

Studio # 518-357-3119