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Dance Me School of Dance and Character Development’s 2020/2021 Dance Year COVID-19 Reopening Plan and Guidelines

This document contains all our reopening procedures, as well as the day-to day tasks that will take place at the studio to keep our students, families, and staff safe. Dance Me is abiding by all NYS recommendations, as well as implementing our own additional safety measures. For any questions, please email us at

For our Fall 2020/2021 season we have decided that masks are to be worn at all times, including during dance class. We realize this is not ideal for some, and we are aware NYS does not require this for sports and recreational activities that can maintain social distance. However, Dance Me would like to err on the side of caution for all students, staff, and families.

Masks are highly recommended by the CDC to prevent the spread of COVID- 19. We realize that masks worn during physical activity can feel limiting. Therefore, we will allow short moments where we know social distance can be maintained and dancers can take down the mask with plenty of space for them and their classmates to be safe. We also encourage students to inform their teacher if they feel physically uncomfortable with the mask at any time and feel they need to take a break. In accordance with NYS guidelines, Dance Me Teachers and staff will also be required to wear masks.

Students will also be required to wear masks while they are entering and exiting the building, using the bathroom, or waiting for class to begin. Anyone (parents, siblings) who are entering and exiting the building and not participating in physical activity will also be required to wear a mask.

During class, dancers will be socially distanced with at least 6ft of space in between them. Floors will be taped off with designated clear spots for dancers to stay within.

Hand Sanitizer:
Hand sanitizer will be available at the door, and conveniently located around the studio. Hands should be thoroughly sanitized upon entering and exiting the studio.

Upgraded Air Filters:
Dance Me’s HVAC system was upgraded just last year, and we will be installing new air filters as recommended by NYS that have been proven to provide cleaner air and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Air Purifiers:
In addition to the upgraded air filters, Dance Me will also run air purifiers throughout the night and prior to classes beginning during the day. This has been standard practice since 2019.

Waiting Areas:
Waiting areas will be clearly taped off so students can safely store their belongings while maintaining social distancing standards. For dancers in Preschool and Kindy classes, only one parent or guardian will be allowed to stay in the lobby during class time to assist their child with shoe changes and bathroom breaks. For dancers who are level Blue and up, students will be dropped off and the lobby will be closed to parents.

The Dance Room:
Dance studios have been marked off so that students know how to maintain social distancing during training.

For younger classes, we will be eliminating all communal props that we use during class for the time being. This includes dots, wands, toys, etc. Each student will be given a spot for class that will be marked on the floor with tape that will be a clear 6 ft. apart from other students.

Class Structure and Rotation:
We will be running our classes in a way that students can maintain social distancing. See below for an example of the day in the life a Dance Me dancer during COVID.

Cleaning and Sanitizing In Between Classes:
We will be taking a few minutes from each class time at the beginning and end to clean everything for the next group coming in. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for class. Students must leave immediately at the conclusion of class.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Each Day:
Each studio will be fully deep cleaned and sanitized and at the conclusion of classes for the day, including all hard surfaces, mats, doorknobs, bathrooms, floors, and communal spaces. Air purifiers will be switched on to run overnight as well. This is in addition to the cleaning in between each individual class.

Acro and Tumbling Class:
Masks are to be worn during the entirety of class, just like in our standard classes. Students will fully sanitize their hands prior to entering the dance room and using the mats. For younger classes that use obstacle courses, stations will be socially distanced as dancers work through their activities. For older classes, individual mats will be used whenever possible. Students will then sanitize their hands upon exiting the dance room once again. Mats and stations will also be thoroughly sanitized in between each individual class. For acrobatics that require spotting, teachers will keep their mask on, and will fully sanitize their hands and arms before and after spotting, as well as in between each individual student being spotted.

A Day in the Life of a Dance Me Dancer During COVID-19:

Do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to class time.This will allow for previous classes to leave and teachers to sanitize for the next class. You will not be permitted to enter the studio if you arrive more than 5 minutes early. Dancers should be fully dressed and ready for class, as dressing rooms will be closed.
Parent drop off at door- A Dance Me staff member will take attendance and guide students into the dance room.

Students and parents should both be wearing a mask upon arrival.

Please read our symptom checklist at the door . If you answer yes to any questions, please take your child home for the day.

Dancers in Preschool and Kindy classes may have one parent in the lobby during class if they need assistance. Otherwise, parents will not be permitted to wait inside the lobby space. Parents can feel free to wait in their cars or bring a lawn chair to wait outside the studio on nice days. This is a favorite for lots of our studio parents, and many parents have been doing it for years!

Students and any one entering the building will need to use handsanitizer.

Temperature checks will take place at the door with a touchless thermometer.

Students will be taken to a spot in the waiting room to get ready for class by a Dance Me staff member.

Dancers will receive an assigned spot where they are able to dance for most of the class. Any spot rotations during class will take place in a socially distanced manner. Example: Going across the floor. Dancers would travel in a line 6 ft apart and line up to go across the floor maintaining 6 ft apart.

At the end of class, students will grab their belongings will be escorted to the door by their teacher, where parents will pick them up. Teachers will check students in at the beginning of class, and out once they have been picked up by their parents.

For older classes, we may be utilizing the waiting rooms for times when we dance a combo in small groups.

If a student is late please check in at the front desk in Studio A for assistance.

Questions about anything found in our reopening guidelines? Please email us at