Registration: 518-836-5102


A. ​1619 Union St.

B and C 1613 Union St.

D. 1611 Union St. 

Schenectady, NY 12309

Studio # 518-357-3668

With the current situation with COVID 19, we are moving forward with plans, in hopes that we do not hit anymore road blocks.  Our studio space along with the way that we run classes will allow for the appropriate social distancing to take place, however, we are still awaiting the appropriate guidance from the state for dance studios specifically.  We hope to offer an atmosphere that will not change the environment of Dance Me while still offering a safe and sanitary atmosphere for our students. As we are given guidance on what this will look like, we will be able to give you details!  Thank you for your patience.

As you will notice, our schedule is a bit smaller.  We are keeping it concise to start because we need to see what the year brings. As we begin registration we will take class size into consideration and use studio D to expand our schedule as needed. 


**New Students please contact us for placement!

Combo Levels:

Preschool 1st yrear = age 3

Preschool 2nd year = age 4

Kindy/1st 1st year = ages 5-7 or Kindergarden or 1st grade

Kindy/1st 2nd year= ages 6-7 or 1st grade

Color Levels:

Blue = ages 7-9 or 2nd -4th grade

Purple= ages 8-9 or 3rd -4th grade

Pink= ages 8-10 or 3rd -5th grade

Maroon= ages 8-11 or 3rd to 6th grade

Green= ages 9-12 or 4th-6th grade

Red= ages 10-13 or 5th-7th grade

Gray= ages 12+ or 7th grade+

Yellow= ages 13+ or 8th grade+

Peach=ages 14+ or 9th grade+

Acro Classes beyond kindy/1st are by placement unless they are color coded (please contact us!)

2020/2021 School Year

Schedule and Tuition

In a typical year, we would hand out recommendation sheets to each student in our program letting them know where to register for the next dance year.  This year is obviously different since we are not in person!  We wish we had the opportunity to make this more personal.  We are including a chart that should help students and parents navigate the transition from this year to next year. Feel free to email questions or come in to register in person on July 8th and 9th!

Classes tentatively begin September 14th, 2020


* Registration for current students begins July 1st

email info@dancemeschool to register

In person registration available for current students only

Date:  July 8th and 9th

Time:  3pm-7pm 

Waived Registration Fee dates for current students July 1st-10th 


* Registration for new students begins July 15th

email to register

Open House for New and Returning Students

Date:  July 20th

​Time: 3pm - 7pm

Waived Registration Fee dates for new students: July 15th-20th

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