Registration: 518-836-5102


A. ​1619 Union St.

B and C 1613 Union St.

D. 1611 Union St. 

Schenectady, NY 12309

Studio # 518-357-3668


**New Students please contact us for placement!

Combo Levels:

Preschool 1st yrear = age 3

Preschool 2nd year = age 4

Kindy/1st 1st year = ages 5-7 or Kindergarden or 1st grade

Kindy/1st 2nd year= ages 6-7 or 1st grade

Color Levels:

Blue = ages 7-9 or 2nd -4th grade

Purple= ages 8-9 or 3rd -4th grade

Pink= ages 8-10 or 3rd -5th grade

Maroon= ages 9-11 or 3rd to 6th grade

Green= ages 9-11 or 4th-6th grade

Red= ages 10-13 or 6th-8th grade

White = ages 13+ or 8th grade+

Gray= ages 13+ or 7th grade+

Yellow= ages 13+ or 8th grade+

Orange= ages 15+ or 10th grade+

Peach=ages 15+ or 10th grade+

Acro Classes beyond kindy/1st are by placement unless they are color coded (please contact us!)

2019/2020 School Year

Schedule and Tuition

Classes begin September 9th, 2019